age (n.)
mature years, old age
H8 III.ii.456[Wolsey to Cromwell, of King Henry] He would not in mine age / Have left me naked to mine enemies
JC III.i.93[Cassius to Publius] leave us ... lest that the people, / Rushing on us, should do your age some mischief
R3 IV.iv.172[Duchess of York to King Richard] Thy age [was] confirmed, proud, subtle
R3 V.iii.263[Richmond to his soldiers, of freeing their children from the sword] Your children's children quits it in your age [i.e. old age]
Sonn.62.14[] Painting my age with beauty of thy days
TG I.iii.15[Panthino to Antonio, of Proteus not having travelled] Which would be great impeachment to his age
Tim I.ii.135[Apemantus to himself] We ... spend our flatteries to drink those men / Upon whose age we void it up again
Tim III.v.81[Alcibiades to Senators] I know your reverend ages love / Security
Tim III.v.93[Alcibiades to Senators] I cannot think but your age has forgot me
Tit I.i.169[Titus to and of Lavinia] Kind Rome, that hast thus lovingly reserved / The cordial of mine age to glad my heart