intent (n.) Old form(s): entents
intention, purpose, aim
1H4 V.ii.88[Hotspur to all] the arms are fair / When the intent of bearing them is just
1H6 IV.i.103[Vernon to King, of Basset] he seem with forged quaint conceit / To set a gloss upon his bold intent
1H6 V.i.3[Gloucester to King, of various letters] their intent is this
1H6 V.v.20[Suffolk to King, of Margaret] She is content to be at your command-- / Command, I mean, of virtuous chaste intents
2H4 V.ii.120[King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice] I will stoop and humble my intents
2H4 V.ii.143[King Henry V to all] God consigning to my good intents
2H4 V.v.101[Prince John to Lord Chief Justice, of King Henry V] He hath intent his wonted followers / Shall all be very well provided for
2H6 III.i.355[York alone, of creating rebellion] for a minister of my intent
2H6 III.ii.251[Salisbury to King, of the commons] Free from a stubborn opposite intent
3H6 I.ii.39[York to Richard, of Norfolk] Thou ... shalt ... tell him privily of our intent
3H6 II.i.116[Warwick to Edward and Richard, of the Queen] she was coming with a full intent / To dash our late decree in parliament
AC II.ii.45[Caesar to Antony] You may be pleased to catch at mine intent / By what did here befall me
AC V.i.54[Egyptian to Caesar] The Queen ... / Of thy intents desires instruction
AC V.ii.126[Caesar to Cleopatra] If you apply yourself to our intents
AC V.ii.226.1[Cleopatra to Iras, of the Romans] that's the way ... to conquer / Their most absurd intents
AW I.i.225[Helena alone] my intents are fixed, and will not leave me
AW I.iii.213[Countess to Helena] Had you not lately an intent ... To go to Paris?
AW III.iv.21[Countess to Steward, of Helena] I could have well diverted her intents
AW IV.iii.26[First Lord to Second Lord] Is it not meant damnable in us to be trumpeters of our unlawful intents?
AW IV.iv.4[Helena to Widow and Diana] Ere I can perfect mine intents
Cor II.ii.154[Sicinius to Brutus, of the people and Coriolanus] May they perceive's intent!
Cor[Second Conspirator to Aufidius] If you do hold the same intent wherein / You wished us parties, we'll deliver you / Of your great danger
H5 II.iv.114[French King to Exeter] Tomorrow shall you bear our full intent / Back to our brother of England
Ham I.ii.112[Claudius to Hamlet] your intent / In going back to school in Wittenberg
Ham I.iv.42[Hamlet to Ghost] Be thy intents wicked or charitable [Q1,Q2; F euents]
Ham III.iii.40[Claudius alone] My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent
KJ II.i.580[Bastard alone, of the world] this commodity, / Makes it take head ... / From all direction, purpose, course, intent
KJ IV.i.95[Arthur to Hubert] Your vile intent must needs seem horrible
KL I.i.38[Lear to all] 'tis our fast intent / To shake all cares and business from our age
KL I.ii.82[Edmund to Gloucester] If it shall please you you to suspend your indignation against my brother till can derive from him better testimony of his intent, you should run a certain course
KL I.iv.2[Kent alone] my good intent / May carry through itself to that full issue
KL II.i.63[Edmund to Gloucester, of Edgar] I dissuaded him from his intent
KL IV.vii.9[Kent to Cordelia] Yet to be known shortens my made intent
KL V.iii.294[Albany to all] know our intent
LLL V.ii.138[Princess to Katharine, of the King's party] The effect of my intent is to cross theirs
LLL V.ii.467[Berowne to all, of Boyet] Told our intents before
LLL V.ii.753[Berowne to all] fashioning our humours / Even to the opposed end of our intents
Luc.218[Tarquin] If Collatinus dream of my intent, / Will he not wake
Luc.46[of Tarquin] with swift intent he goes
MA I.i.181[Benedick to Claudio] I hope you have no intent to turn husband, have you?
Mac I.vii.26[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] I have no spur / To prick the sides of my intent
MM V.i.124[Duke to Isabella] Who knew of your intent and coming hither?
MM V.i.448[Isabella to Duke, of Angelo] His act did not o'ertake his bad intent
MM V.i.451.1[Isabella to Duke] Thoughts are no subjects, / Intents but merely thoughts
MND IV.i.132[Theseus to Egeus] No doubt they rose up early to observe / The rite of May, and hearing our intent / Came here in grace of our solemnity
MND V.i.114[Quince as Prologue] minding to content you, / Our true intent is
MND V.i.79[Philostrate to Theseus, of not seeing the rustics' play] Unless you can find sport in their intents ... / To do you service
MV IV.i.244[Portia as Balthasar to all] the intent and purpose of the law / Hath full relation to the penalty
MW II.i.162[Page to Ford, of Nym and Pistol] these that accuse him [Falstaff] in his intent towards our wives are a yoke of his discarded men
Oth I.ii.56.1[Iago to Othello, of Brabantio] He comes to bad intent
Per Chorus.II.24[Gower alone, of Pericles] Thaliard came full bent with sin / And hid intent to murder him
Per[Lysimachus to Marina] be you thoughten / That I came with no ill intent
Per V.i.257.1[Pericles to Lysimachus] Shall we refresh us... / And give you gold for such provision / As our intents will need?
R2 IV.i.328[Abbot of Westminster to Aumerle] You shall ... take the Sacrament / To bury mine intents [i.e. so that you will not divulge my plans]
R3 I.i.149[Richard alone] if I fail not in my deep intent
R3 I.i.158[Richard alone] another secret close intent
R3 I.i.49[Richard to Clarence] his majesty hath some intent / That you should be new-christened
R3 III.v.68[Buckingham to Lord Mayor] since you come too late of our intent, / Yet witness what you hear we did intend [F; Q intents]
RJ V.iii.134[Balthasar to Friar Laurence, of Romeo] [he] did menace me with death / If I did stay to look on his intents
RJ V.iii.154[Friar Laurence to Juliet] A greater power than we can contradict / Hath thwarted our intents
RJ V.iii.37[Romeo to Balthasar] The time and my intents are savage-wild
RJ V.iii.44[Balthasar to himself, of Romeo] His looks I fear, and his intents I doubt
Sonn.115.7[] reckoning time, whose millioned accidents ... blunt the sharp'st intents
TC I.iii.306[Agamemnon to Aeneas] Achilles shall have word of this intent
TC V.iii.8[Andromache to Cassandra] Here, sister; armed, and bloody in intent
Tim V.i.20[Poet to Painter, of Timon] I must ... tell him of an intent that's coming toward him
Tit IV.ii.150[Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius] be it known to you my full intent
TN I.ii.56[Viola to Captain] be my aid / For such disguise as haply shall become / The form of my intent
TN II.iv.76[Feste to Orsino] I would have men of such constancy put to sea, that their business might be everything, and their intent everywhere
TS I.ii.196[Petruchio to Gremio and Hortensio, of wooing Katherina] Why came I hither but to that intent?
Ven.469[he] all amazed brake off his late intent

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