intelligence (n.)
information, news, communication
1H4 V.v.10[King Henry to Worcester] If ... thou hadst truly borne / Betwixt our armies true intelligence
AW[First Lord to Bertram, of Parolles] If he do not ... deliver all the intelligence in his power against you
AW IV.iii.59[Second Lord to First Lord] Hath the Count all this intelligence?
AW IV.v.81[Lafew to Countess, of his messenger] I am [not] deceived by him that in such intelligence hath seldom failed
Cym I.vii.114[Iachimo to Innogen, of Posthumus] Not I, / Inclined to this intelligence, pronounce / The beggary of his change
Cym IV.ii.347[Soothsayer to Lucius, of the gods] I ... prayed for their intelligence
KL II.i.21[Edmund to Edgar] Intelligence is given where you are hid
Mac I.iii.75[Macbeth to Witches] Say from whence / You owe this strange intelligence
MND I.i.248[Helena alone] I will go tell him [Demetrius] of fair Hermia's flight ... and for this intelligence / If I have thanks it is a dear expense
MW III.v.77[Falstaff to Ford as Brook] Mistress Page, gives intelligence of Ford's approach
MW IV.ii.139[Ford to Page] My intelligence is true
R2 III.iii.1[Bolingbroke to all] by this intelligence we learn / The Welshmen are dispersed
R3 III.ii.24[Hastings to Messenger, of Stanley] nothing can proceed that toucheth us / Whereof I shall not have intelligence
Sonn.86.10[of his rival] that affable familiar ghost / Which nightly gulls him with intelligence
TC V.ii.195[Thersites alone, of Cressida] Patroclus will give me anything for the intelligence of this whore
WT IV.ii.37[Polixenes to Camillo, of the people watching Florizel] from whom I have this intelligence