address (v.) Old form(s): addresse , addrest
prepare, make ready, poise to act
2H4 IV.iv.5[King Henry IV to all] Our navy is addressed
2H6 V.ii.27[York to Clifford] Address thee instantly!
AYL V.iv.153[Jaques de Boys to all] Duke Frederick ... / Addressed a mighty power
H5 III.iii.58[King Henry to Exeter] Tomorrow for the march are we addressed
Ham I.ii.216[Horatio to Hamlet, of the Ghost] It lifted up it head and did address / Itself to motion
JC III.i.29[Brutus to Decius, of Metellus] He is addressed
LLL II.i.83[Boyet to Princess, of the King] he and his competitors in oath / Were all addressed to meet you
Luc.1606[of Lucrece and Collatine] At length addressed to answer his desire
Mac II.ii.24[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth, of the King's attendants] they did say their prayers and addressed them / Again to sleep
MND V.i.106[Philostrate to Theseus] the Prologue is addressed
MV II.ix.19[Arragon to Portia, of his agreeing to the injunctions] And so have I addressed me
TC IV.iv.145[Aeneas to Deiphobus] with a bridegroom's fresh alacrity, / Let us address to tend on Hector's heels
TC V.x.14[Troilus to Aeneas] I ... dare all imminence that gods and men / Address their dangers in
WT IV.iv.53[Florizel to Perdita, of her guests] Address yourself to entertain them sprightly

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