instance (n.)
illustration, example, case
AYL II.vii.157[Jaques to all] the justice, ... / Full of wise saws and modern instances
AYL III.ii.49[Touchstone to Corin] Instance, briefly; come, instance [i.e. give me an example]
AYL III.ii.54[Touchstone to Corin] A better instance ... A more sounder instance ... Mend the instance
TC I.iii.77[Ulysses to all] Troy, yet upon his basis, had been down ... / But for these instances
TC V.ii.156[Troilus to Ulysses, of the division in Cressida] Instance, O instance, strong as Pluto's gates!
TC V.x.40[Pandarus alone, of choosing an appropriate song] What instance for it?
TN IV.iii.12[Sebastian alone] doth this accident and flood of fortune / So far exceed all instance, all discourse

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