check (v.) Old form(s): check'd, checkt
rebuke, scold, reprimand
2H4 I.ii.197[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice, of Prince Henry giving the Justice a box on the ear] I have checked him for it
2H6 I.ii.54[Duchess to Gloucester] Next time I'll keep my dreams unto myself, / And not be checked
3H6 III.ii.166[Richard alone] this earth affords no joy to me / But ... to check, to o'erbear such / As are of better person than myself
AW I.i.65[Countess to Bertram] Be checked for silence, / But never taxed for speech
JC IV.iii.96[Cassius as if to Antony and Octavius] Revenge yourselves alone on Cassius, / For Cassius is ... / Checked like a bondman
KL II.ii.140[Gloucester to Cornwall, of disguised Kent's behaviour] the good King ... / Will check him for't
R2 V.v.46[Richard alone] here have I the daintiness of ear / To check time broke in a disordered string
Sonn.136.1[] If thy soul check thee that I come so near