charge (v.) Old form(s): charg'd
entreat, exhort, enjoin
AW I.iii.178[Countess to Helena] I charge thee ... / To tell me truly
Cor[Cominius to Menenius, of Coriolanus' friends] they charged him even / As those should do that had deserved his hate
MV V.i.298[Portia to all] Let us go in, / And charge us there upon inter'gatories, / And we will answer all things faithfully
PP.14.14[Pilgrim] My heart doth charge the watch
TS V.i.84[Tranio as Lucentio to Baptista, of Vincentio] I charge you see that he be forthcoming
WT I.ii.30[Hermione to Leontes, of Polixenes] You, sir, / Charge him too coldly

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