chide (v.), past form chid
brusquely command, drive [away] with harsh words
3H6 II.v.17[King alone] my Queen, and Clifford too, / Have chid me from the battle
AW III.vii.42[Widow to Helena, of Bertram] It nothing steads us / To chide him from our eaves
KJ IV.i.86[Arthur to Hubert, of the sympathetic executioner] Alas, I then have chid away my friend!
MND III.ii.312[Helena to Hermia, of Demetrius] he hath chid me hence, and threatened me
RJ IV.i.74[Friar to Juliet] thou wilt undertake / A thing like death to chide away this shame
TG I.ii.60[Julia to herself] How churlishly I chid Lucetta hence
TG IV.ii.100[Silvia to Proteus] I despise thee for thy wrongful suit; / And by and by intend to chide myself / Even for this time I spend in talking to thee
WT IV.iv.550[Camillo to Florizel and Perdita, of Leontes] o'er and o'er divides him / 'Twixt his unkindness and his kindness: th'one / He chides to hell and bids the other grow / Faster than thought or time