charge (n.)
commission, responsibility, official duty
1H4 IV.iii.41[Blunt to Hotspur] But to my charge
2H6 I.i.2[Suffolk to King] I had in charge at my depart from France ... / To marry Princess Margaret for your grace
2H6 III.i.321[Suffolk to York, of finding soldiers] A charge ... that I will see performed
3H6 III.iii.258[Warwick alone, of Edward] Matter of marriage was the charge he gave me
AC IV.iv.19[Antony to Soldier] Thou look'st like him that knows a warlike charge
H5 I.ii.239[Ambassador to King Henry] give us leave / Freely to render what we have in charge
MA III.iii.7[Verges to Dogberry, of the Watch] give them their charge
MA III.iii.72[Dogberry to Watch] This is the end of the charge
MM IV.ii.101[Messenger to Provost] My lord hath sent ... by me this further charge
R3 I.i.105[Clarence to Brakenbury] We know thy charge ... and will obey
WT V.i.161[Florizel to Leontes] thence ... we have crossed, / To execute the charge my father gave me