charge (n.)
command, order, injunction, instruction
1H4 I.i.35[Westmorland to King Henry, of the expedition] this haste was hot in question, / And many limits of the charge set down
1H6 IV.v.42[Talbot to John Talbot, of the latter's fear of being thought a coward] Thy father's charge shall clear thee from that stain
E3 II.ii.31[Audley to King Edward] I have ... levied those horse and foot / According as your charge
E3 III.i.103[King John to his confederates] look unto your charge [i.e. follow your orders]
E3 III.iv.71[King Edward to all] I hear / The dismal charge of trumpets' loud retreat
Ham III.iv.87[Hamlet to Gertrude] Proclaim no shame /When the compulsive ardour gives the charge
KJ IV.ii.75[Pembroke to Salisbury, of Hubert] I do fearfully believe 'tis done, / What we so feared he had a charge to do
Mac IV.iii.20[Malcolm to Macduff] A good and virtuous nature may recoil / In an imperial charge
MW III.iii.6[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford] Give your men the charge
TC IV.iv.125[Troilus to Diomedes, of Cressida] I charge thee use her well, even for my charge [ my insistence]
TC IV.iv.132[Diomedes to Troilus] know ... / I'll nothing do on charge
TNK II.i.316.1[Gaoler to Palamon] for you / I have this charge too [pun: 317, powder and shot]