character (v.) Old form(s): carectred , characterd , character'd , charracter
inscribe, engrave, write
2H6 III.i.300[York to Somerset] Show me one scar charactered on thy skin
AYL III.ii.6[Orlando alone, of the trees] in their barks my thoughts I'll character
E3 II.i.308[King Edward to Warwick] O, that a man might ... choke the lavish tongue, when it doth utter / The breath of falsehood not charactered there!
E3 IV.v.76[Charles to King John, of Salisbury] He hath my never broken name to show, / Charactered with this princely hand of mine
Ham I.iii.59[Polonius to Laertes] And these few precepts in thy memory / Look thou character
Luc.807[Lucrece to herself, of day] The light will show charactered in my brow / The story of sweet chastity's decay
Sonn.108.1[] What's in the brain that ink may character
Sonn.122.2[]Thy gift, thy tables, are within my brain / Full charactered with lasting memory
TG II.vii.4[Julia to Lucetta] thee, / Who art the table wherein all my thoughts / Are visibly charactered