character (n.) Old form(s): carrecter , Charecter, Charracter
handwriting, style of writing, lettering
Cym III.ii.28[Innogen to Pisanio, of Posthumus] learned indeed were that astronomer / That knew the stars as I his characters
Ham IV.vii.50.2[Claudius to Laertes] 'Tis Hamlet's character
KL I.ii.62[Gloucester to Edmund, of the letter] You know the character to be your brother's?
KL II.i.71[Edmund to Gloucester, as if Edgar to Edmund] though thou didst produce / My very character
MM IV.ii.187[disguised Duke to Provost, of the Duke's handwriting] You know the character
Per III.ii.65[Cerimon to Apollo] perfect me in the characters!
Per III.iv.3[Cerimon to Thaisa, of the scroll] Know you the character?
Sonn.59.8[] Show me your image in some antique book, / Since mind at first in character was done
Tim V.iii.6[Soldier alone, of the inscription on Timon's tomb] The character I'll take with wax [i.e. the engraved inscription]
TN V.i.344[Olivia to Malvolio] this is not my writing, / Though ... much like the character
WT V.ii.35[Third Gentleman to all] the letters of Antigonus ... which they know to be his character

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