case (n.)
state, plight, situation, circumstance
2H4 II.i.104[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice, of Hostess] She hath been in good case
2H4 II.i.29[Hostess to Fang and Snare] my case [is] so openly known to the world [also: lawsuit; with bawdy pun]
3H6 IV.iii.32.2[Warwick to Edward] the case is altered
3H6 IV.v.4[Richard to Hastings and Stanley] Thus stands the case
AC III.xiii.54[Thidias to Cleopatra] Caesar entreats / Not to consider in what case thou stand'st
AYL V.iv.201[Rosalind as Epilogue] What a case I am in, then
KL[Gloucester to Lear, reacting to 'Read'] What, with the case of eyes? [i.e. with my eyes like this] [or: socket]
KL[Lear to Gloucester] Your eyes are in a heavy case [i.e. in a bad way] [pun: sense 8, sockets]
MW IV.i.57[Mistress Quickly to Evans, mistaking 'genitive case'] Vengeance of Jenny's case! [with bawdy pun]
RJ III.iii.85[Nurse to Friar, of Romeo] he is even in my mistress' case, / Just in her case
RJ III.v.217[Nurse to Juliet] the case so stands as it now doth
RJ IV.v.98[Nurse to Musicians] well you know this is a pitiful case
WT I.ii.352[Camillo alone, of poisoning Polixenes] What case stand I in?