cause (n.)
reason, motive, ground
2H4 I.iii.1[Archbishop to all] Thus have you heard our cause and known our means
CE II.i.33[Adriana to Luciana] They can be meek that have no other cause
H8 III.i.29.1[Wolsey to Queen Katherine] we shall give you / The full cause of our coming
JC II.i.11[Brutus alone, of Caesar] I know no personal cause to spurn at him
KJ IV.ii.205[King John to Hubert, of Arthur] I had a mighty cause / To wish him dead
KL IV.iii.51[disguised Kent to Gentleman] Some dear cause / Will in concealment wrap me up awhile
KL[Gentleman to disguised Edgar] the Queen on special cause is here
KL IV.vii.75.1[Lear to Cordelia] your sisters / Have ... done me wrong. / You have some cause; they have not [also: sense 3]
Oth V.ii.1[Othello to himself] It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul [unclear meaning]
Tim IV.iii.103.2[Alcibiades to Timon, of warring against Athens] [I] have cause
TNK epilogue.12[Speaker to audience] I am not bold; / We have no such cause
TNK[Palamon to Arcite] I know your cunning, and I know your cause
TS III.i.85[Hortensio alone, of Lucentio as Cambio] I have cause to pry into this pedant

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