carry (v.)
carry out, manage, conduct
H8 I.ii.134[Surveyor to all, of Buckingham] he'll carry it so / To make the sceptre his
KL V.iii.37[Edmund to Captain] carry it so / As I have set it down
MA II.iii.211[Don Pedro to Leonato, of laying a plot for Beatrice] that must your daughter ... carry
MA IV.i.208[Friar to Leonato, of his plan and Hero] this, well carried, shall on her behalf / Change slander to remorse
MM III.i.257[disguised Duke to Isabella, of his plan] If you think well to carry this
MND III.ii.240[Helena to Hermia] This sport well carried shall be chronicled
TNK I.i.162[Theseus to Artesius, of war with Creon] that best knowest / How to draw out fit ... the number / To carry such a business

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