casement (n.)
window [on hinges and able to be opened]
AW II.iii.213[Lafew to Parolles] thy casement I need not open, for I look through thee
AW V.iii.230.1[King to Diana, of the ring and of Bertram] you threw it him / Out of a casement?
AYL IV.i.151[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] Make the doors upon a woman's wit, and it will out at the casement
Cym II.iv.34[Posthumus to Iachimo, of Innogen] let her beauty / Look through a casement to allure false hearts
KL I.ii.60[Edmund to Gloucester, of the letter] I found it thrown in at the casement of my closet
MV II.v.30[Shylock to Jessica] Clamber not you up to the casements
MW I.iv.2[Mistress Quickly to Rugby] go to the casement and see if you can see my master ... coming
R2 V.ii.14[York to Duchess of York] young and old / Through casements darted their desiring eyes

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