car (n.) Old form(s): carre
carriage, cart, chariot [often of the sun god]
1H6 I.i.22[Exeter to all, of their glorifying death's victory] Like captives bound to a triumphant car
3H6[Clifford alone] O Phoebus, hadst thou never given consent / That Phaethon should check thy fiery steeds, / Thy burning car never had scorched the earth!
3H6 IV.vii.79[Edward to all] when the morning sun shall raise his car / Above the border of this horizon
AC IV.viii.29[Antony to Cleopatra, of the armour for Scarus] He has deserved it, were it carbuncled / Like holy Phoebus' car
Cym V.v.191[Iachimo to Cymbeline, of Posthumus' ring and Phoebus] had it / Been all the worth of 's car
MND I.ii.31[Bottom, declaiming] Phibbus' car / Shall shine from far
R3 V.iii.20[Richmond to all, of the sun] the bright tract of his fiery car
Sonn.7.9[of the sun] from high-most pitch with weary car, / Like feeble age he reeleth from the day
TG III.i.154[Duke to Valentine] Wilt thou aspire to guide the heavenly car
TN II.v.63[Fabian to Sir Toby] Though our silence be drawn from us with cars, yet peace!