advise, avise (v.) Old form(s): Aduice , aduisd, aduis'd, aduise , aduised , auis'd
warn, counsel, caution
1H4 IV.iii.5[Worcester to Hotspur] be advised, stir not tonight
2H6 II.iv.36[Duchess to Gloucester] the envious people laugh / And bid me be advised how I tread [i.e. to be careful]
AW III.v.25[Mariana to Diana] I hope I need not to advise you further
H8 I.i.114[Norfolk to Buckingham, of Wolsey] that rock / That I advise your shunning
H8 I.i.139.2[Norfolk to Buckingham] Be advised: / Heat not a furnace for your foe
KL III.vii.9[Cornwall to Edmund] Advise the Duke where you are going to a most festinate preparation
KL V.i.2[Edmund to Gentleman] Know of the Duke if ... he is advised by aught / To change the course
LLL IV.iii.344[Berowne to all, of the ladies] be first advised / In conflict that you get the sun of them
MV V.i.234[Nerissa to Gratiano] be well advised / How you do leave me to mine own protection
MW I.i.154[Nym to Slender] Be advised, sir
TS IV.iv.11[Tranio as Lucentio to Biondello, of accepting the Pedant as Vincentio] Now do your duty throughly, I advise you
Ven.615[Venus to Adonis] be advised: thou knowst not what it is / With javelin's point a churlish swine to gore

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