courtesy, cur'sy, curtsy (n.) Old form(s): courtesie , Curtesie, curtsie
courteous service, polite behaviour, good manners
AW III.ii.97[Countess to Lords] as we change our courtesies [i.e. show mutual respect]
LLL V.ii.864[Berowne to King] These ladies' courtesy / Might well have made our sport a comedy
MND III.ii.147[Helena to Lysander and Demetrius] If you were civil and knew courtesy / You would not do me thus much injury
MND IV.i.20[Bottom to Mustardseed] Pray you, leave your courtesy [i.e. stop bowing, or removing your hat]
MV III.i.45[Shylock to Salerio, of Antonio] He was wont to lend money for a Christian courtesy [Q; F curtsie]
MV V.i.217[Bassanio to Portia] I was beset with shame and courtesy
Tim I.i.254[Apemantus to all] That there should be small love amongst these sweet knaves, / And all this courtesy!

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