amazed (adj.) Old form(s): amas'd , amaz'd
dumbfounded, stunned, thunderstruck, overwhelmed
Cym IV.iii.28.1[Cymbeline to all] I am amazed with matter
H8 III.ii.373.2[Wolsey to Cromwell] What, amazed / At my misfortunes?
JC III.i.96.2[Trebonius to Cassius, of Antony] Fled to his house amazed
KJ II.i.226[King John to Hubert] the French, amazed, vouchsafe a parle
KJ II.i.356[Bastard to and of King John and King Philip] Why stand these royal fronts amazed thus?
KJ IV.ii.137[King John to Bastard, of the bad news] I was amazed / Under the tide
KJ V.ii.51[Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury, of Salisbury's tears] this effusion ... makes me more amazed / Than had I seen the vaulty top of heaven / Figured quite o'er with burning meteors
KL[disguised Kent to Lear] Stand you not so amazed
LLL V.ii.391[Princess to King] Amazed, my lord?
MM IV.ii.202[disguised Duke to Provost] Yet you are amazed
MW III.iii.110[Mistress Page to Mistress Ford] Be not amazed
MW V.v.223[Ford to all] Stand not amazed
Oth IV.ii.237[Iago to Roderigo] stand not amazed at it
RJ III.i.134[Benvolio to Romeo] Stand not amazed
TC V.iii.91[Hector to Priam, of Cassandra] You are amazed, my liege, at her exclaim
TN III.iv.328[Antonio to Viola as Cesario] You stand amazed; / But be of comfort
TS II.i.155[Hortensio as Licio to Baptista, of being beaten by Katherina] there I stood amazed for a while
Ven.823[of Venus] amazed as one that unaware / Hath dropped a precious jewel in the flood

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