conceit (n.) Old form(s): Conceipt
notion, idea, thought
KJ III.iii.50[King John to Hubert] make reply / Without a tongue, using conceit alone
Luc.1298[] Conceit and grief an eager combat fight
MA II.i.273[Don Pedro to Beatrice, of Claudio] his conceit is false
MV III.iv.2[Lorenzo to Portia] You have a noble and a true conceit / Of godlike amity
R3 III.iv.49[Hastings to all, of Richard] There's some conceit or other likes him well / When that he bids good morrow with such spirit
Sonn.108.13[] the first conceit of love
Sonn.15.9[of changeable men] the conceit of this inconstant stay / Sets you most rich in youth before my sight
Sonn.26.7[] some good conceit of thine / In thy soul's thought [also: sense 1]
Tim V.iv.14[First Senator to Alcibiades] When thy first griefs were but a mere conceit
TS IV.iii.156[Petruchio to Grumio, of Grumio's remark] what's your conceit in that?

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