cull (v.) Old form(s): culd , cul'd , cull'd
select, pick out, choose
1H6 V.iii.10[Pucelle to spirits] ye familiar spirits that are culled / Out of the powerful legions under earth
3H6 III.i.4[First Keeper to Second Keeper] in this covert will we make our stand, / Culling the principal of all the deer
KJ II.i.40[King Philip to all, of the strategists] To cull the plots of best advantages
KJ V.ii.114[Lewis the Dauphin to Cardinal Pandulph, of his army] I ... culled these fiery spirits from the world / To outlook conquest and to win renown
LLL V.i.88[Holofernes to Armado, of 'posterior'] The word is well culled
RJ IV.iii.7[Juliet to Lady Capulet] We have culled such necessaries / As are behoveful for our state tomorrow
RJ V.i.40[Romeo alone, of an apothecary] Culling of simples
TC II.iii.261[Ulysses to all] come knights from east to west, / And cull their flower [F; Q call]
Tit IV.i.44[Marcus to Titus, of Lavinia's choice of book] For love of her that's gone, / Perhaps she culled it from among the rest

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