crest (n.)
heraldic device placed above the shield and helmet in a coat-of-arms
2H6 V.i.202[Warwick to all] Now by my father's badge, old Nevil's crest
AYL IV.ii.15[Lords singing] Take thou no scorn to wear the horn, / It was a crest ere thou wast born
KJ IV.iii.46[Salisbury to Bastard, of finding Arthur's body] This is the very top, / The height, the crest, or crest unto the crest, / Of murder's arms [third instance]
MM II.iv.17[Angelo alone] Let's write ‘ good Angel ’ on the devil's horn, / 'Tis not the devil's crest
MND III.ii.214[Helena to Hermia, of their childhood friendship] like coats in heraldry ... crowned with one crest
MW V.v.63[Mistress Quickly as Queen of Fairies to all, of Windsor Castle] Each fair instalment, coat, and several crest, / With loyal blazon, evermore be blest!
Sonn.107.14[] When tyrants' crests and tombs of brass are spent
TS II.i.223[Katherina to Petruchio] What is your crest - a coxcomb? [also: comb of feathers]