commons (n.)
common people, ordinary citizens
2H4 II.iii.51[Lady Northumberland to Northumberland] fly to Scotland, / Till that the nobles and the armed commons / Have of their puissance made a little taste
2H6 I.iii.126[Cardinal to Gloucester] The commons hast thou racked
2H6 III.i.116[Gloucester to all] I would not tax the needy commons
2H6 III.i.240[Suffolk to all, of Gloucester] The commons [will] haply rise to save his life
2H6 III.i.28[Queen to King, of Gloucester] By flattery hath he won the commons' hearts
2H6 III.i.374[York alone] I shall perceive the commons' mind, / How they affect the house and claim of York
2H6 III.ii.122.2[stage direction] Enter Warwick, Salisbury, and many commons
2H6 III.ii.243[Salisbury to King] the commons send you word by me
2H6 III.ii.271[Suffolk to Salisbury] the commons, rude unpolished hinds
2H6 IV.i.100[Lieutenant to Suffolk] The commons here in Kent are up in arms
2H6 IV.ii.172[Cade to Rebels] you that love the commons, follow me
2H6 IV.viii.7[Buckingham to Cade] we come ambassadors from the King / Unto the commons
H8 I.ii.104[Wolsey aside to Secretary] The grieved commons / Hardly conceive of me
H8 II.i.49.2[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of Wolsey] All the commons / Hate him perniciously
JC III.ii.131[Antony to all, of Caesar's will] Let but the commons hear this testament
R2 II.i.246[Ross to Northumberland and Willoughby, of Richard] The commons hath he pilled with grievous taxes
R2 II.ii.128[Bagot to Bushy and Green] that is the wavering commons
R2 II.ii.137[Bushy to Bagot and Green] little office / Will the hateful commons perform for us
R2 IV.i.154[Northumberland to all] May it please you, lords, to grant the commons' suit?
R2 IV.i.271[Northumberland to Bolingbroke] The commons will not then be satisfied

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