courser (n.) Old form(s): Coursers
swift horse, sprinter, charger
2H4 IV.i.117[Mowbray to Westmorland, of his father and King Henry IV] Their neighing coursers daring of the spur
3H6 V.vii.9[Edward to all, of the Northumberlands] two braver men / Ne'er spurred their coursers at the trumpet's sound
AC I.ii.194[Antony to Enobarbus] Much is breeding / Which, like the courser's hair, hath yet but life / And not a serpent's poison
H5 III.vii.42[Dauphin to Orleans, of a sonnet] which I composed to my courser
Per II.i.159[Pericles to Fishermen] I will mount myself / Upon a courser
R2 I.ii.51[Duchess to John of Gaunt, of Mowbray's sins] they may break his foaming courser's back
Tim I.ii.211[Timon to Third Lord] you gave good words the other day of a bay courser I rode on
Ven.261[] A breeding jennet ... / Adonis' trampling courser doth espy
Ven.31[of Venus] Over one arm the lusty courser's rein
Ven.403[Venus to Adonis] Let me excuse thy courser

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