coxcomb (n.) Old form(s): coxcombe, Coxcombe , Coxcombes
fool's head, fool, simpleton
AW[Bertram to Second Lord, of Diana and Parolles] I sent to her / By this same coxcomb
CE III.i.32[Dromio of Syracuse to Dromio of Ephesus] Mome, malthorse, capon, coxcomb, idiot, patch
Cor[Menenius to Citizens, of Coriolanus] As many coxcombs / As you threw caps up will he tumble down
H5 IV.i.77[Fluellen to Gower] If the enemy is an ass, and a fool, and a prating coxcomb, is it meet, think you, that we should also [be] ... a prating coxcomb?
LLL IV.iii.82[Berowne to himself, of Dumaine] O most profane coxcomb!
MA IV.ii.67[Conrade to Dogberry] Off, coxcomb!
Oth V.ii.231[Emilia to Othello] O murderous coxcomb
TN V.i.203[Sir Toby to and of Sir Andrew] An asshead, and a coxcomb, and a knave
TS II.i.223[Katherina to Petruchio] What is your crest - a coxcomb?