companion (n.)
rogue, rascal, fellow
2H4 II.iv.119[Doll to Pistol] I scorn you, scurvy companion
2H6 IV.x.29[Iden to Cade] rude companion, whatsoe'er thou be
AW V.iii.250[King to all, of Parolles] What an equivocal companion is this!
CE IV.iv.59[Antipholus of Ephesus to Adriana, of Pinch] Did this companion with the saffron face / Revel and feast it at my house today
Cor IV.v.14[Second Servingman to Coriolanus] Has the porter his eyes in his head that he gives entrance to such companions?
Cor V.ii.58[Menenius to First Watch] Now, you companion
Cym II.i.27[Second Lord to Cloten] It is not fit your lordship should undertake every companion that you give offence to
JC IV.iii.136.1[Brutus to Poet] Companion, hence!
MND I.i.15[Theseus to Philostrate, of melancholy] The pale companion is not for our pomp
MW III.i.111[Evans to Caius, of the Host] let us ... be revenge on this same scald, scurvy, cogging companion
Oth IV.ii.140[Emilia to Iago, of people who would slander Desdemona] O heaven, that such companions thou'dst unfold