civil (adj.) Old form(s): ciuill
of civil war
2H4 IV.v.134[King Henry IV to Prince Henry] O my poor kingdom, sick with civil blows!
2H4 V.v.109[Prince John to Lord Chief Justice] ere this year expire, / We bear our civil swords and native fire / As far as France
2H6 IV.viii.43[Clifford to rebels, of the French] Methinks already in this civil broil / I see them lording it in London streets
AC I.iii.45[Antony to Cleopatra] Our Italy / Shines o'er with civil swords [i.e. is bright everywhere with the flashing of swords]
R2 I.iii.128[King Richard to Bolingbroke and Mowbray] our eyes do hate the dire aspect / Of civil wounds
R2 III.iii.102[Northumberland to King Richard] The King of heaven forbid our lord the King / Should so with civil and uncivil arms / Be rushed upon
RJ I.prologue.4[Chorus] civil blood makes civil hands unclean [first instance]
Tit V.iii.86[Marcus to Lucius] who hath brought the fatal engine in / That gives our Troy, our Rome, the civil wound
Ven.764[Venus to Adonis] in thyself thyself art made away; / A mischief worse than civil home-bred strife