confusion (n.)
destruction, overthrow, ruin
1H6 IV.i.194[Exeter alone] There comes the ruin, there begins confusion
1H6 IV.i.77[Talbot to King] You may behold confusion of your foes
2H6 II.i.182[King to all] what mischiefs work the wicked ones, / Heaping confusion on their own heads thereby!
2H6 V.ii.31[Young Clifford to himself, of the battle] Shame and confusion!
AC III.xiii.115.1[Antony to Cleopatra, of the gods] laugh at's while we strut / To our confusion
CE II.ii.189[Adriana to Antipholus of Syracuse] moss, / Who, all for want of pruning, with intrusion / Infect thy sap, and live on thy confusion
Cor III.i.110[Coriolanus to Senators] when two authorities are up, / Neither supreme, how soon confusion / May enter
Cym III.i.66[Lucius to Cymbeline] War and confusion ... pronounce I 'gainst thee
Cym V.iii.41[Posthumus to Lord] anon / A rout, confusion thick
KJ II.i.359[Bastard to King John and King Philip] let confusion of one part confirm / The other's peace
KL II.iv.90.2[Lear, probably to himself] Vengence, plague, death, confusion!
Mac II.iii.63[Macduff to Macbeth and Lennox] Confusion now hath made his masterpiece
Mac III.v.29[Hecat to Witches, of Macbeth] I'll ... draw him on to his confusion
Tim IV.iii.128[Timon to Alcibiades] Make large confusion
Tim IV.iii.326[Timon to Apemantus] Wouldst thou have thyself fall in the confusion of men, and remain a beast with the beasts?
Tim V.iv.52[Second Senator to Alcibiades] use the wars as thy redress / And not as our confusion