commonweal, commonwealth (n.) Old form(s): a Common-weale, Commonweale, Common-weale, Commonweales, Common-wealth , Cõmonwealth
state, nation, community, body politic
1H4 IV.iii.80[Hotspur to Blunt, of King Henry] to reform / Some certain edicts and some strait decrees / That lie too heavy on the commonwealth
1H6 III.i.98[Third Servingman to Gloucester, of the King] So kind a father of the commonweal
2H4 I.iii.87[Archbishop to all] The commonwealth is sick of their own choice
2H4 IV.i.93[Archbishop to Westmorland] My brother general, the commonwealth, / I make my quarrel in particular
2H6 I.i.187[Salisbury to York and Warwick, of the Cardinal] demean himself / Unlike the ruler of a commonweal
2H6 I.iv.42[York to Duchess] The King and commonweal / Are deeply indebted for this piece of pains
2H6 II.i.186[Gloucester to Queen] I have loved my king and commonweal
2H6 II.i.22[Cardinal to Gloucester] Pernicious Protector ... / That smoothest it so with King and commonweal!
JC III.ii.43[Brutus to all, of Antony] shall receive ... a place in the commonwealth
LLL IV.i.41[Boyet to Princess, of Costard] Here comes a member of the commonwealth
LLL IV.ii.76[Nathaniel to Holofernes] You are a good member of the commonwealth
MM II.i.42[Elbow to all, of Froth and Pompey] If these be good people in a commonweal that do nothing but use their abuses in common houses, I know no law
Tem II.i.150[Gonzalo to Alonso] I'th' commonwealth I would by contraries / Execute all things
Tit I.i.117[Tamora to Titus] to fight for king and commonweal
Tit I.i.230[Titus to Tribunes, of Saturninus] whose virtues will ... ripen justice in this commonweal
Tit I.i.250[Titus to all, of Saturninus] King and commander of our commonweal
Tit II.i.24[Aaron alone, of Tamora] that will charm Rome's Saturnine, / And see his shipwreck and his commonweal's