commend (v.) Old form(s): cõmend
praise, admire, extol
1H4 II.iii.22[Hotspur to himself] my Lord of York commends the plot
2H4 III.ii.146[Shallow to Falstaff] I commend you well
2H6 V.i.54[Buckingham to York] I commend this kind submission
AW IV.iii.80[Second Lord to Messenger, of letters of commendation about Bertram from the Duke to the King] They shall be no more than needful there, if they were more than they can commend [i.e. even if they praised him more, they would still be needed]
AYL II.ii.12[Second Lord to Duke Frederick] Your daughter and her cousin much commend / The parts and graces of the wrestler
JC II.i.146[Metellus Cimber to all, of Cicero] his silver hairs / Will purchase us a good opinion / And buy men's voices to commend our deeds
LLL IV.ii.112[Nathaniel reading Berowne's letter to Rosaline] Well- learned is that tongue that well can thee commend
Luc.a9[] after supper every one commended the virtues of his own wife
Mac IV.i.39[Hecat to Witches] I commend your pains
MV IV.i.158[Clerk reading Bellario's letter, of Portia as Balthasar] his own learning, the greatness whereof I cannot enough commend
MW II.i.136[Page to himself, of Pistol] I will not believe such a Cataian, though the priest o'th'town commended him for a true man
Per II.v.21[Simonides to himself, of Thaisa] Well, I do commend her choice
Per II.v.29[Pericles to Simonides] It is your grace's pleasure to commend, / Not my desert
PP.5.8[Pilgrim, of his love] Well-learned is that tongue that well can thee commend
Sonn.69.4[of tongues] Uttering bare truth, even so as foes commend [i.e. even your enemies admire you]
TC I.ii.106[Cressida to Pandarus] I had as lief Helen's golden tongue had commended Troilus for a copper nose
TC I.iii.243[Aeneas to all] what the repining enemy commends, / That breath fame blows; that praise, sole pure, transcends
TC IV.i.79[Paris to Diomedes] We'll not commend what we intend to sell
TG III.i.102[Valentine to Duke, of women] Flatter and praise, commend, extol their graces
TG IV.ii.3[Proteus alone] now I must be ... unjust to Thurio; / Under the colour of commending him
TG IV.ii.39[Musicians' song, of Silvia] all our swains commend her
TN II.v.148[Malvolio, reading the letter supposedly from Olivia] Remember who commended thy yellow stockings
TN II.v.159[Malvolio to himself] She did commend my yellow stockings of late
TN III.iv.47[Malvolio to Olivia, quoting from the letter] Remember who commended thy yellow stockings
TS II.i.175[Petruchio alone, of Katherina] Say she be mute and will not speak a word, / Then I'll commend her volubility