contention (n.)
quarrel, dispute, strife
1H4 I.i.60[Westmorland to King Henry, of the two sides] in the very heat / And pride of their contention
2H4 I.i.156[Northumberland to Morton] let this world no longer be a stage / To feed contention in a lingering act
2H4 I.i.9[Northumberland to Lord Bardolph] contention ... madly hath broke loose
3H6 I.ii.6[Edward to York, in response to 'What is your quarrel'] No quarrel, but a slight contention [i.e. over the crown]
Cym I.v.51[Frenchman to Iachimo] 'twas a contention in public
Oth II.i.92[Cassio to Desdemona, of himself and Othello] The great contention of the sea and skies / Parted our fellowship
TC IV.v.205[Nestor to Hector] I would my arms could match thee in contention, / As they contend with thee in courtesy
TNK[Emilia to Theseus, of Palamon and Arcite] Swear 'em never more / To make me their contention [i.e. Make them swear]
TNK V.iv.108[Theseus to Palamon, of Mars] to Arcite gave / The grace of the contention