crown (n.) Old form(s): crowne , crownes
coin [usually showing a monarch's crown], English value: 5 shilllings
1H4 I.ii.130[Poins to all] I will stuff your purses full of crowns
2H4 III.ii.217[Bullcalf to Bardolph] here's four Harry ten shillings in French crowns for you
2H6 IV.i.16[Master to First Gentleman, of his ransom] A thousand crowns
2H6 IV.viii.66[Buckingham to all, of Cade] he that brings his head unto the King / Shall have a thousand crowns for his reward
2H6 IV.x.26[Cade to Iden] thou wilt betray me, and get a thousand crowns of the King by carrying my head to him
3H6 II.ii.144[Edward to all] A wisp of straw were worth a thousand crowns
3H6 II.v.57[Son to himself] This man whom hand to hand I slew in fight / May be possessed with some store of crowns
3H6 III.ii.152[Richard alone] twenty golden crowns
AW III.vii.35[Helena to Widow, of her daughter] To marry her I'll add three thousand crowns
AYL I.i.2[Orlando to Adam] bequeathed me by will, but poor a thousand crowns
AYL II.iii.38[Adam to Orlando] I have five hundred crowns
E3 III.i.49[King John to all] your plentiful rewards in crowns
E3 IV.ii.32[King Edward to Derby] give to every one five crowns apiece
H5 II.chorus.22[Chorus] treacherous crowns
H5 II.ii.89[King Henry to all, of Cambridge] this man / Hath, for a few light crowns, lightly conspired
H5 IV.i.219[disguised King Henry to Bates] the French may lay twenty French crowns to one they will beat us [also: sense 2]
H5 IV.iii.37[King Henry to Westmorland, of anyone wishing to leave the battle] crowns for convoy put into his purse
H5 IV.iv.38[Pistol to French soldier] unless thou give me crowns, brave crowns
H5 IV.viii.57[King Henry to Exeter] fill this glove with crowns
Ham II.ii.73[Voltemand to King, of Old Norway and Fortinbras] Gives him three thousand crowns in annual fee
LLL II.i.130[King to Rosaline] The payment of a hundred thousand crowns
LLL III.i.139[Costard alone, of 'remuneration'] it is a fairer name than French crown
MM I.ii.51[Lucio to Gentlemen, of the number of their sexual diseases] A French crown more [with bawdy pun: syphilis as a French disease]
PP.20.35 if store of crowns be scant
R2 IV.i.16[Bagot to Aumerle] The offer of an hundred thousand crowns
TC IV.iv.104[Troilus to Cressida] some with cunning gild their copper crowns [also: headwear]
Tim III.iv.30[First Servant to others, of what is owed] mine's three thousand crowns
TS I.ii.56[Petruchio to Hortensio] Crowns in my purse I have
TS II.i.122[Baptista toPetruchio] in possession twenty thousand crowns.
TS II.i.343[Gremio to Baptista] In ivory coffers I have stuffed my crowns
TS V.ii.70.2[Lucentio to all, of the wager] Twenty crowns