cozen (v.) Old form(s): Coosning , cosen , cosen'd , cousen , cousend , cousen'd, couzend, cozend, cozen'd , cozond, cozon'd , cozoned
cheat, dupe, trick, deceive
1H4 I.ii.121[Prince Hal to Poins, of Falstaff] Else he had been damned for cozening the devil
AW IV.ii.76[Diana alone, of Bertram] in this disguise, I think't no sin / To cozen him that would unjustly win
AW IV.v.25[Clown to Lafew] I would cozen the man of his wife
Ham III.iv.78[Hamlet to Gertrude] What devil was't / That thus hath cozened you
KL V.iii.152.1[Gonerill to Edmund] Thou are not vanquished, / But cozened and beguiled
Luc.387[of Lucrece] Her lily hand her rosy cheek lies under, / Cozening the pillow of a lawful kiss
MA II.ii.35[Borachio to Don John, of Claudio] who is thus likely to be cozened with the semblance of a maid
MV II.ix.38[Arragon to himself] who shall go about / To cozen fortune
MW IV.v.34[Falstaff to Simple] the very same man that beguiled Master Slender of his chain cozened him of it
MW IV.v.75[Evans to Host] 'tis not convenient you should be cozened
MW IV.v.85[Falstaff alone] I would all the world might be cozened
MW V.v.164[Ford to Falstaff, of Master Brook] that you have cozened of money
MW V.v.199[Caius to all] I am cozened
R3 IV.iv.223[Queen Elizabeth to King Richard, of the Princes] Cousins ... by their uncle cozened / Of comfort
Tit V.iii.100[Lucius to all, of Titus] basely cozened / Of that true hand that fought Rome's quarrel out
TNK V.ii.58[Gaoler's Daughter to Gaoler, of her horse] that ostler / Must rise betime that cozens him [i.e. by stealing his food]
TS III.ii.167[Gremio to Tranio as Lucentio, of Petruchio] he stamped and swore / As if the vicar meant to cozen him
TS V.i.35[Pedant as Vincentio to Petruchio, of Vincentio] 'a means to cozen somebody in this city under my countenance
WT IV.iv.250[Clown to Mopsa] Have I not told thee how I was cozened by the way and lost all my money?

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