consent (v.)
agree, concur, acquiesce
1H6 I.i.5[Bedford as if to comets] scourge the bad revolting stars / That have consented unto Henry's death [i.e. conspired together]
1H6 I.v.34[Talbot to English] You all consented unto Salisbury's death [i.e. conspired together]
2H4 I.iii.52[Lord Bardolph to Hastings] should we ... / Consent upon a sure foundation
AYL V.i.42[Touchstone to William] all your writers do consent that 'ipse' is he
AYL V.ii.8[Oliver to Orlando, of Celia as Aliena] consent with both that we may enjoy each other
KJ IV.iii.125.2[Bastard to Hubert, of Arthur's death] If thou didst but consent / To this most cruel act, do but despair
Oth V.ii.294[Lodovico to Othello, of Iago] Did you and he consent in Cassio's death?
TC IV.v.90[Agamemnon to Diomedes, of Hector and Ajax] As you and Lord Aeneas / Consent upon the order of their fight, / So be it