conjure (v.) Old form(s): coniur'd , coniure , coniures
ask solemnly, entreat earnestly, beseech
CE III.i.34[Dromio of Syracuse to Dromio of Ephesus] Dost thou conjure for wenches
CE IV.iii.67[Antipholus of Syracuse to Courtesan] I conjure thee to leave me
CE IV.iv.55[Pinch as if to Satan] I conjure thee by all the saints in heaven
Ham II.ii.283[Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] But let me conjure you
KJ IV.ii.269[King John to Hubert] I conjure thee but slowly - run more fast!
Luc.568[of Lucrece pleading with Tarquin] She conjures him by high almighty Jove
Mac IV.i.49[Macbeth to Witches] I conjure you ... answer me
MM V.i.48[Isabella to Duke] I conjure thee
TG II.vii.2[Julia to Lucetta] I do conjure thee
Tim[Lucullus to Lucius, of his engagements preventing him accepting Timon's invitation] He hath conjured me beyond them, and I must needs appear
WT I.ii.400[Polixenes to Camillo] I conjure thee ... that thou declare / What incidency thou dost guess of harm / Is creeping toward me