commission (n.)
warrant, authority [to act]
1H6 V.iv.95[Winchester to Richard] I do greet your excellence / With letters of commission from the King
2H4 III.ii.88[Shallow to Falstaff, of his associate] it is my cousin Silence, in commission with me [i.e. as a justice]
2H6 II.iv.75[Gloucester to Sheriff, of the Duchess] Let not her penance exceed the King's commission
AW II.iii.260[Lafew to Parolles] You are more saucy with lords ... than the commission of your birth and virtue gives you heraldry
AYL IV.i.127[Rosalind as Ganymede to Celia] I might ask you for your commission
Cym III.viii.10[First Senator to all, of the conflict with Britain] to you the tribunes, / For this immediate levy, he commands / His absolute commission
H8 II.ii.5[Lord Chamberlain alone, reading a letter about his horses] a man of my lord Cardinal's, by commission and main power, took 'em from me
H8 III.ii.233[Wolsey to all] Where's your commission, lords?
H8 V.iii.141[King Henry to all but Cranmer] Did my commission / Bid ye so far forget yourselves?
Ham III.iii.3[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] I your commission will forthwith dispatch
KL V.iii.250[Edmund to Albany, of the Captain] He hath commission from thy wife and me / To hang Cordelia in the prison
KL V.iii.65[Regan to Albany, of Edmund] Bore the commission of my place and person
Mac I.iv.2[King to all] Are not those in commission yet returned?
MM I.i.13[Duke to Escalus] There is our commission, / From which we would not have you warp
Per I.iii.12[Helicanus to Lords, of Pericles] His sealed commission ... / Does speak sufficiently he's gone to travel
RJ IV.i.64[Juliet to Friar, of her intention to kill herself] Which the commission of thy years and art / Could to no issue of true honour bring
TC III.iii.231[Patroclus to Achilles] Omission to do what is necessary / Seals a commission to a blank of danger
TN I.v.182[Viola as Cesario to Olivia, of what Viola has just said] But this is from my commission
TN I.v.221[Olivia to Viola as Cesario, of Orsino] Have you any commission from your lord to negotiate with my face?
WT I.ii.144[Leontes to himself, of lustful desire] 'tis very credent / Thou mayst co-join with something; and thou dost, / And that beyond commission

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