closet (n.) Old form(s): Closset
private chamber, study, own room
2H6 II.iv.24[Duchess to Gloucester] in thy closet pent up, rue my shame
Cym[Queen to Ladies] The violets ... / Bear to my closet
E3 II.i.434[Warwick to Countess] the polluted closet of a king
E3 II.ii.15[Derby to Audley] The King is in his closet
H5 V.ii.196[King Henry to Katherine] when you come into your closet
Ham II.i.77[Ophelia to Polonius] as I was sewing in my closet
Ham III.ii.339[Rosencrantz to Hamlet, of Gertrude] She desires to speak with you in her closet
Ham III.iii.27[Polonius to Claudius, of Hamlet] he's going to his mother's closet
JC II.i.35[Lucius to Brutus] The taper burneth in your closet
JC III.ii.130[Antony to all, of Caesar's parchment] I found it in his closet
KJ IV.ii.267[King John to Hubert] to my closet bring / The angry lords with all expedient haste
KL I.ii.61[Edmund to Gloucester, of the letter] I found it thrown in at the casement of my closet
MW I.iv.37[Mistress Quickly to Simple] go into this closet
Oth IV.ii.21[Othello alone, of Desdemona] A closet lock and key of villainous secrets [i.e. a concealer of secrets]
R3 II.i.135[King Edward to Hastings] help me to my closet
RJ IV.ii.33[Juliet to Nurse] will you go with me into my closet
Tit III.ii.82[Titus to Lavinia] I'll to thy closet