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brave (adj.) Old form(s): braue , braue , Brauer , brauest
noble, worthy, excellent
1H4 I.i.53[Westmorland to King Henry] brave Archibald, / That ever valiant and approved Scot
1H4 IV.i.7[Hotspur to Douglas] a braver place / In my heart's love hath no man than yourself
1H4 V.i.89[Prince Hal to King Henry, of Hotspur] I do not think a braver gentleman ... is now alive / To grace this latter age with noble deeds
1H4 V.ii.86[Hotspur to all] If [we] die, brave death when princes die with us!
1H4 V.iv.86[Prince Hal to dead Hotspur, completing his 'And food for -'] For worms, brave Percy
1H6 I.iv.28[Talbot to all] The Duke of Bedford had a prisoner / Called the brave Lord Ponton de Santrailles
1H6 III.ii.101[Talbot to Burgundy] And now no more ado, brave Burgundy
1H6 III.ii.134[Talbot to all, of Bedford] A braver soldier never couched lance
1H6 III.iii.41[Pucelle to Burgundy] Brave Burgundy, undoubted hope of France
1H6 III.iii.86[Charles to Burgundy] Welcome, brave Duke
1H6 III.iv.16[King to Talbot] Welcome, brave captain and victorious lord!
1H6 IV.iii.34[Lucy to Richard] God take mercy on brave Talbot's soul
1H6[Talbot to John, as if to the Bastard] that pure blood of mine / Which thou didst force from Talbot, my brave boy
1H6 V.iii.146[Reignier to Suffolk] Welcome, brave Earl, into our territories
2H6 I.i.73[Gloucester to all] Brave peers of England
2H6 IV.ii.60[Cade to all] Be brave then; for your captain is brave, and vows reformation
2H6 V.i.144[York to Clifford, of Salisbury and Warwick] Call hither to the stake my two brave bears
2H6 V.ii.20[York to Clifford] With thy brave bearing should I be in love
3H6 I.iv.66[Queen to Clifford and Northumberland] Brave warriors
3H6 II.i.108[Warwick to Edward and Richard] at Wakefield ... / Where your brave father breathed his latest gasp
3H6 II.i.208[Warwick to all] Why then it sorts, brave warriors
3H6 II.i.35[Edward to Richard] we, the sons of brave Plantagenet
3H6 IV.vii.86[Edward to all] Come on, brave soldiers; doubt not of the day
3H6 V.iv.52[Oxford to Richmond] O brave young Prince!
3H6 V.iv.67[Edward to all] Brave followers, yonder stands the thorny wood
3H6 V.vii.10[Edward to all] The two brave bears, Warwick and Montague
3H6 V.vii.8[Edward to all, of the two Northumberlands] two braver men / Ne'er spurred their coursers at the trumpet's sound
AC I.v.38[Cleopatra to Alexas] How goes it with my brave Mark Antony?
AC III.xiii.164[Cleopatra to Antony] The next Caesarion smite, / Till by degrees the memory of my womb, / Together with my brave Egyptians all ... / Lie graveless
AC IV.vii.4[Scarus to Antony, of their deeds in the battle] O my brave emperor, this is fought indeed! [or: sense 3]
AC IV.xiv.98[Antony alone] My queen and Eros / Have by their brave instruction got upon me / A nobleness in record
AC IV.xv.85[Cleopatra to Charmian and Iras] what's brave, what's noble, / Let's do't after the high Roman fashion
AC V.ii.333.2[Caesar to all, of the death of Cleopatra] Bravest at the last
AW I.ii.28[King to Bertram, of Bertram's father] He ... was / Discipled of the bravest
AYL III.iii.90[Touchstone to Sir Oliver] O brave Oliver
Cor I.iv.25[Martius to Lartius] Advance, brave Titus
Cor IV.ii.38[Volumnia to Brutus] You have done a brave deed
Cor V.i.31[Menenius to all, of Cominius] this brave fellow
Cym I.ii.97[Innogen to Queen, of Cloten] Your son's my father's friend, he takes his part / To draw upon an exile. O brave sir!
Cym IV.ii.319[Innogen alone, of the body she believes to be Posthumus] this most bravest vessel of the world
E3 II.ii.200[King Edward to those outside] Warwick, my son, Derby, Artois, and Audley, / Brave warriors all, where are you all this while?
E3 III.iv.75.1[Derby to Prince Edward] Welcome, brave Prince!
H5 IV.ii.3.2[Orleans to all, of their mood] O brave spirit!
H5[Exeter to King Henry, of York covered in blood] In which array, brave soldier, doth he lie
H5 IV.viii.94[King Henry to all] the brave Sir Guichard Dauphin
H8 IV.i.40[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of Surrey] A bold brave gentleman
Ham IV.vii.87[Claudius to Laertes, of Lamord] [he] to such wondrous doing brought his horse / As had he been incorpsed and demi-natured / With the brave beast
JC II.i.314[Brutus to Ligarius] O, what a time have you chose out, brave Caius, / To wear a kerchief!
JC II.i.322[Ligarius to Brutus] Brave son, derived from honourable loins!
JC III.i.204[Antony to dead Caesar] Here wast thou bayed, brave hart
JC V.iii.80[Titinius to dead Cassius] Why didst thou send me forth, brave Cassius?
KJ II.i.1[King Philip to Austria] Before Angiers well met, brave Austria
KJ V.ii.44[Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury] O, what a noble combat hast thou fought / Between compulsion and a brave respect!
KJ[Hubert to Bastard] Brave soldier, pardon me
LLL V.ii.663[Princess to Armado] Speak, brave Hector
Mac I.ii.16[Captain to Duncan] brave Macbeth--well he deserves that name
Mac I.ii.5[Malcolm to Captain] Hail, brave friend!
MM IV.iii.15[Pompey alone] brave Master Shoe-tie the great traveller
MND III.ii.70[Hermia to Demetrius, of Lysander] And hast thou killed him sleeping? O, brave touch!
Oth I.iii.288[First Senator to Othello] Adieu, brave Moor
Oth II.i.38[Montano to all] Let's to the sea-side ... to throw out our eyes for brave Othello
Oth V.i.31[Othello to himself] O brave Iago, honest and just
R2 II.iii.99[York to Bolingbroke] brave Gaunt, thy father
R3 I.ii.239[Richard alone, of Anne] Hath she forgot already that brave prince, Edward
R3 I.iv.224[First Murderer to Clarence] gallant-springing brave Plantagenet, / That princely novice
RJ III.i.116[Benvolio to Romeo] brave Mercutio is dead!
RJ III.i.145[Benvolio to Prince, of Tybalt] That slew thy kinsman, brave Mercutio
Sonn.15.8[] When I perceive that men ... wear their brave state out of memory
TC I.ii.186[Pandarus to Cressida] That's Aeneas; is not that a brave man?
TC I.ii.201[Pandarus to Cressida] There's a brave man, niece. - O brave Hector! Look how he looks! There's a countenance! Is't not a brave man?
TC I.ii.214[Pandarus to Cressida, of Paris passing by] Why, this is brave now.
TC I.ii.228[Pandarus to Cressida] Brave Troilus, the prince of chivalry!
TC II.ii.204[Troilus to Hector] I presume brave Hector would not lose / So rich advantage of a promised glory
TC III.iii.140[Ulysses to all] They clap the lubber Ajax on the shoulder, / As if his foot were on brave Hector's breast
TC V.i.66[Acvhilles to Hector] Welcome, brave Hector
TC V.iii.35[Hector to Troilus] doubt thou not, brave boy, / I'll stand today for thee, and me, and Troy
Tem I.ii.206.2[Prospero to Ariel] My brave spirit!
Tem I.ii.412[Miranda to Prospero, of Ferdinand] It carries a brave form
Tem I.ii.439.1[Ferdinand to Prospero, of who was on the wrecked ship] the Duke of Milan / And his brave son being twain
Tem I.ii.440[Prospero to himself, of Ferdinand's mention of 'the Duke of Milan and his brave son'] The Duke of Milan / And his more braver daughter could control thee
Tem II.i.185[Gonzalo to Antonio and Sebastian] You are gentlemen of brave mettle
Tem II.ii.115[Caliban to himself, of Stephano] That's a brave god, and bears celestial liquor
Tem III.ii.104.2[Stephano to Caliban, of Miranda] Is it so brave a lass?
Tem V.i.261[Caliban to himself, of the people he sees] O Setebos, these be brave spirits indeed!
Tim I.ii.54[Apemantus to Timon, of Second Lord] A brave fellow.
Tim IV.iii.91[Alcibiades to Timon] I have but little gold of late, brave Timon
Tit IV.ii.135[Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius] Why, so, brave lords
Tit V.i.9[First Goth to Lucius] Brave slip, sprung from the great Andronicus
TNK II.iv.22[Hippolyta to all, of disguised Arcite] his body / And fiery mind illustrate a brave father
TNK III.i.78[Palamon to Arcite] brave souls in shades / That have died manly
TNK III.i.81.1[Palamon to Arcite] thou art brave and noble
TNK[Pirithous to Emilia, of persuading Thesus] Urge it home, brave lady
TNK[Palamon to Arcite] thou art so brave an enemy / That no man but thy cousin's fit to kill thee
TNK IV.ii.73[Mesenger to Theseus, of the Knights] Six braver spirits / Than these they have brought - I never saw
TNK V.i.167[Emilia to herself] this battle shall confound / Both these brave knights
TNK V.iii.115[Theseus to Emilia, of Arcite talking about Palamon] He speaks now of as brave a knight as e'er / Did spur a noble steed
TNK V.iii.4[Emilia to all] Every blow that falls / Threats a brave life
TNK V.iv.95.2[Palamon to dead Arcite] Thy brave soul seek Elysium!
WT V.i.135[Leontes to Florizel] I lost ... the society, / Amity too, of your brave father