break (v.) Old form(s): breake
broach a matter, speak
H8 V.i.47[Gardiner to Lovell, of the Council informing on Cromwell] they ... / Have broken with the King
JC II.i.150[Brutus to all, of Cicero] let us not break with him
KJ IV.ii.227[King John to Hubert] I faintly broke with thee of Arthur's death
MA I.i.288[Don Pedro to Claudio, of Hero] I will break with her and with her father
MA I.i.305[Don Pedro to Claudio, of Hero] to her father will I break
MA I.ii.14[Antonio to Leonato, of Don Pedro] he meant to ... instantly break with you of it
MA II.i.142[Don John to Borachio, of Hero and her proposed marriage to Claudio] my brother ... hath withdrawn her father to break with him about it
MA II.i.275[Don Pedro to Claudio, of Hero] I have broke with her father
MA III.ii.68[Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick approaching Leonato] to break with him about Beatrice