affection (n.)
desire, passion, lustful feeling
AC I.v.12[Cleopatra to Mardian] Hast thou affections? ... [Mardian] Yet have I fierce affections
AC[Enobarbus to Menas] Antony will use his affection where it is
AC III.xiii.7[Enobarbus to Cleopatra, of Antony] The itch of his affection
LC.218[of gifts from the woman's suitors] all these trophies of affections hot
LLL I.i.9[King to all] brave conquerors ... / That war against your own affections
Luc.271[Tarquin to himself] Affection is my captain
Luc.500[Tarquin to Lucrece] nothing can affection's course control
MM II.i.10[Escalus to Angelo] in the working of your own affections
MM II.iv.168[Angelo to Isabella] by the affection that now guides me most
MM III.i.111[Claudio to Isabella, of Angelo] Has he affections in him / That thus can make him bite the law by th'nose
MM III.i.37[disguised Duke to Claudio, of being old] Thou hast neither heat, affection, limb, nor beauty
Oth IV.iii.97[Emilia to Desdemona, of husbands] What is it that they do, / When they change us for others? Is it sport? ... And doth affection breed it?
RJ II.chorus.2[Chorus] old desire doth in his deathbed lie, / And young affection gapes to be his heir
RJ II.v.12[Juliet alone, of the Nurse] Had she affections and warm youthful blood
TC II.ii.178[Hector to Paris and Troilus, of the debt between wife and husband] If this law / Of nature be corrupted through affection
Ven.387[Venus to Adonis] Affection is a coal that must be cooled
Ven.569[] Affection faints not like a pale-faced coward
WT I.ii.138[Leontes to himself] Affection, thy intention stabs the centre