borrowed (adj.)
assumed, pretended, feigned
H5 II.iv.79[Exeter to French King, of King Henry] lay apart / The borrowed glories that ... 'longs / To him and his heirs
KJ I.i.4[Chatillon to and of King John] The borrowed majesty, of England
Luc.1549[Lucrece to herself, of a painting] look, how listening Priam wets his eyes, / To see those borrowed tears that Sinon sheeds
Per IV.iv.24[Gower alone, of the dumb show] This borrowed passion stands for true old woe
RJ IV.i.104[Friar to Juliet, of the potion's effect] this borrowed likeness of shrunk death
RJ V.iii.248[Friar to Prince, of Romeo and Juliet] he should hither come as this dire night / To help to take her from her borrowed grave

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