approbation (n.)
expression of approval, pleasurable confirmation, ready sanctioning
Cor II.i.99[Volumnia to Menenius, of Coriolanus' return] with most prosperous approbation
Cor II.iii.144[Sicinius to Coriolanus] The people ... are summoned / To meet anon upon your approbation [ approve your election]
Cor II.iii.250.1[Sicinius to Citizens] revoke / Your sudden approbation
Cym I.v.17[Iachimo to all, of Posthumus' banishment] the approbation of those that weep this lamentable divorce
H8 I.ii.71[Wolsey to King Henry, of votes for taxation] not passed by me but / By learned approbation of the judges
Per IV.iii.26[Cleon to Dionyza, of hiding Marina's murder] To such proceeding / Whoever but his approbation added .... he did not flow / From honourable courses
TC I.iii.59[Ulysses to Agamemnon and Nestor] the applause and approbation / The which ... . I give to both your speeches
Tim IV.iii.37[Timon alone, of gold] This yellow slave / Will thieves, / And give them title, knee, and approbation