Capitol (n.)
geographical and ceremonial centre of ancient Rome, the seat of government
AC[Pompey to all, of killing Caesar] To drench the Capitol
Cor I.i.46[First Citizen to all] To th' Capitol!
Cor I.x.20[Aufidius to First Soldier] nor fane nor Capitol
Cor II.i.78[Brutus to Menenius] you are well understood to be a perfecter giber for the table than a necessary bencher in the Capitol
Cor II.ii.1.2[stage direction] Enter two Officers, to lay cushions, as it were in the Capitol
Cor II.iii.253.1[Brutus to all] when you have drawn your number, / Repair to th' Capitol
Cor III.i.239.1[Coriolanus to all, of the plebeians] not Romans, as they are not, / Though calved i'th' porch o'th' Capitol
Cor IV.ii.39[Volumnia to Brutus] As far as doth the Capitol exceed The meanest house in Rome, so far my son
Cor[Menenius to all] Shall's to the Capitol?
Cor V.iv.1[Menenius to Sicinius] See you yond coign o'th' Capitol, yond cornerstone?
Cym I.vii.106[Iachimo to Innogen] lips as common as the stairs / That mount the Capitol
Ham III.ii.113[Polonius to Hamlet] I did enact Julius Caesar. I was killed i'th' Capitol
JC I.i.63[Flavius to Marullus] Go you down that way towards the Capitol
JC I.ii.186[Brutus to Cassius, of Cicero] we have seen him in the Capitol
JC I.iii.20[Casca to Cicero] Against the Capitol I met a lion
JC II.i.111[Casca to all] the high east / Stands, as the Capitol, directly here
JC II.ii.21[Calphurnia to Caesar, of a strange sight in Rome] Which drizzled blood upon the Capitol
JC II.iv.11[Lucius to Portia, of his message] Run to the Capitol and nothing else?
JC III.i.12[Cassius to all] Come to the Capitol
JC III.ii.38[Brutus to all, of Caesar] The question of his death is enrolled in the Capitol
JC III.iii.25[Cinna to all] I dwell by the Capitol
JC IV.i.11[Octavius to Lepidus, of where he can be found] Or here or at the Capitol
Luc.1835[Brutus] by the Capitol that we adore
Tit I.i.12[Bassianus to all] Keep then this passage to the Capitol