Pomfret (n.)
Pontefract, West Yorkshire; site of a castle in which Richard II was imprisoned; later, a Lancastrian stronghold
2H4 I.i.205[Morton to all] the blood / Of fair King Richard, scraped from Pomfret stones
2H6 II.ii.26[York to Warwick, of Richard] Bolingbroke ... sent ... him to Pomfret
KJ IV.ii.131[stage direction] Enter the Bastard and Peter of Pomfret
R2 V.i.52[Northumberland to Richard] You must to Pomfret, not unto the Tower
R2 V.iv.10[Exton to Man, of Richard] the King at Pomfret
R3 II.iv.42[Messenger to Duchess of York] Lord Rivers and Lord Grey are sent to Pomfret
R3 III.i.183[Richard to Catesby, of Hastings' enemies] Tomorrow are let blood at Pomfret Castle
R3 III.ii.50[Catesby to Hastings] The kindred of the Queen, must die at Pomfret
R3 III.iii.1.2[stage direction] Rivers, Grey, and Vaughan to death at Pomfret
R3 III.iv.90[Hastings to Lovel and Ratcliffe] mine enemies / Today at Pomfret bloodily were butchered
R3 V.iii.141[Ghost of Rivers to Richard] Rivers, that died at Pomfret