brave (adj.) Old form(s): braue , brauer
audacious, daring, bold
1H4 V.ii.42[Douglas to all] I have thrown / A brave defiance in King Henry's teeth
1H6 II.i.28[Bedford to Talbot] Ascend, brave Talbot; we will follow thee
2H4 II.iii.21[Lady Percy to Northumberland, of Hotspur] by his light / Did all the chivalry of England move / To do brave acts [or: sense 2]
2H6 IV.viii.19[Cade to Buckingham and Clifford] are ye so brave?
3H6 IV.i.96[Edward to all, of the French King] Is Lewis so brave?
AC III.xi.40[Antony to himself, of Octavius] He alone / Dealt on lieutenantry, and no practice had / In the brave squares of war
MV II.ii.11[Gobbo alone] ‘rouse up a brave mind,’ says the fiend
MV III.iv.65[Portia to Nerissa, of dressing as men] I'll ... wear my dagger with the braver grace
Tit II.i.129[Aaron to Chiron and Demtrius, of attacking Lavinia in the woods] There speak and strike, brave boys
TNK V.iii.82[Servant to Emilia] Th'assistants made a brave redemption