Adam (n.)
in the Bible, the first human being, in the Garden of Eden, who disobeyed God
1H4 II.iv.93[Prince Hal to Poins] since the old days of goodman Adam
1H4 III.iii.163[Falstaff to Prince Hal] Thou knowest in the state of innocency Adam fell
2H6 IV.ii.126.1[Cade to Brother] Adam was a gardener
AYL II.i.5[Duke to all] Here feel we not the penalty of Adam
CE IV.iii.16[Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse] that Adam that kept the paradise
E3 II.i.265[Countess to King Edward] Sole reigning Adam on the universe
E3 II.ii.115[King Edward alone] leathern Adam
H5 I.i.29[Canterbury to Ely, of Prince Hal] Consideration ... whipped th' offending Adam out of him
Ham V.i.31[First Clown to Second Clown, of gardeners etc] They hold up Adam's profession
LLL IV.ii.40[Holofernes to Nathaniel] The moon was a month old when Adam was no more
LLL V.ii.322[Berowne to all, of Boyet] Had he been Adam, he had tempted Eve.
MA II.i.56[Beatrice to Leonato] Adam's sons are my brethren
R2 III.iv.73[Queen Isabel to Gardener] Thou, old Adam's likeness