Mars (n.)
Roman god of war
1H4 III.ii.112[King Henry to Prince Hal, of Hotspur] Mars in swaddling clothes
1H4 IV.i.116[Hotspur to Vernon] The mailed Mars shall on his altar sit / Up to the ears in blood
1H6 I.ii.1[Charles to all] Mars his true moving ... upon us he smiles
AC I.i.4[Philo to Demetrius, of Antony's eyes] Have glowed like plated Mars
AC I.v.18.1[Mardian to Cleopatra] Yet have I fierce affections, and think / What Venus did with Mars
AC II.ii.6[Enobarbus to Lepidus] Let Antony look over Caesar's head / And speak as loud as Mars
AC II.v.117[Cleopatra to Charmian] Though he be painted one way like a Gorgon, / The other way's a Mars
AW II.i.47[Parolles to the Lords] Mars dote on you for his novices!
AW II.iii.281[Parolles to Bertram] Mars's fiery steed
AW III.iii.9[Bertram praying] Great Mars, I put myself into thy file
AW IV.i.29[Parolles to all] my heart hath the fear of Mars before it and of his creatures
Cor I.iv.10[Martius to all] Now Mars, I prithee, make us quick in work
Cor IV.v.121[Aufidius to Coriolanus] thou Mars
Cor[Coriolanus to Aufidius] Hear'st thou, Mars?
Cym V.iv.32[Sicilius to the other spirits] With Mars fall out, with Juno chide
E3 V.i.178[Herald to all, of the Prince] Great servitor to bloody Mars in arms
H5 I.chorus.6[Chorus] Then should the warlike Harry, like himself, / Assume the port of Mars
H5 IV.ii.41[Grandpré to all, of the English army] Big Mars seems bankrupt in their beggared host
Ham II.ii.488[First Player, reciting] Mars's armour, forged for proof eterne
Ham III.iv.58[Hamlet to Queen, of his father's picture] An eye like Mars, to threaten and command
LLL V.ii.642[Armado as Hector to all] The armipotent Mars, of lances the almighty, / Gave Hector a gift
MV III.ii.85[Bassanio to all] The beards of Hercules and frowning Mars
PP.11.3[of Venus and Adonis] She told the youngling how god Mars did try her
R2 II.i.41[John of Gaunt to all, of England] This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars
R2 II.iii.100[York to Bolingbroke, of the Black Prince] that young Mars of men
Sonn.55.7Nor Mars his sword nor war's quick fire shall burn / The living record of your memory
TC II.i.52[Thersites to Ajax] Mars his idiot!
TC II.iii.242[Ulysses to Diomedes] Let Mars divide eternity in twain
TC III.iii.190.1[Ulysses to Achilles, of his deeds] drave great Mars to faction
TC IV.v.177[Hector to all] By Mars his gauntlet, thanks!
TC V.ii.167[Troilus to Ulysses] as red as Mars his heart / Inflamed with Venus
TC V.iii.52[Troilus to Hector, of fighting] Not fate, obedience, nor the hand of Mars ... should stop my way
Tem IV.i.98[Iris to Ceres] Mars's hot minion is returned again
Tim IV.iii.385[Timon to and of gold] thou valiant Mars
TNK I.i.62[Theseus to First Queen] By Mars's altar, you were that time fair
TNK I.ii.20[Palamon to Arcite] who then shall offer / To Mars's so scorned altar?
TNK I.iv.17[Theseus to all] By th' helm of Mars
TNK V.i.35[Arcite to all] True worshippers of Mars
TNK V.iv.106[Theseus to Palamon] our master Mars / Hath vouched his oracle

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