Hector (n.)
son of Priam, married to Andromache; the bravest Trojan, who led out their army to battle
1H6 II.iii.19[Countess to and of Talbot] I thought I should have seen some Hercules, / A second Hector
Cor I.iii.42[Volumnia to Virgilia] Hecuba, / When she did suckle Hector
MA II.iii.187[Claudio to Don Pedro, of Benedick being valiant] As Hector, I assure you
MW I.iii.11[Host to Falstaff] Said I well, bully Hector?
MW II.iii.30[Host to Caius] Thou art ... Hector of Greece
Tit IV.i.87[Marcus to Young Lucius] kneel, sweet boy, the Roman Hector's hope

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