Alcides (n.)
[pron: al'siydeez] original name of Hercules, after his grandfather Alceus
1H6 IV.vii.60[Lucy to Charles] But where's the great Alcides of the field, / Valiant Lord Talbot
AC IV.xii.44[Antony alone] Teach me, / Alcides, thou mine ancestor, thy rage
KJ II.i.144[Bastard to all, of Austria's robe] It lies as sightly on the back of him / As great Alcides' shows upon an ass
MV II.i.35[Morocco to Portia] So is Alcides beaten by his page
MV III.ii.55[Portia to herself, comparing Bassanio] young Alcides when he did redeem / The virgin tribute
Tit IV.ii.94 [Aaron to Demetrius] Nor great Alcides, nor the god of war, / Shall seize this prey out of his father's hands
TNK V.iii.119[Theseus to Emilia, of Arcite] His behaviour / So charmed me that methought Alcides was / To him a sow of lead
TS I.ii.255[Gremio to Petruchio, of wooing Katherina] leave that labour to great Hercules, / And let it be more than Alcides' twelve.